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Safe Place
Online Banking – One off Payments
Online Banking – Standing Order

There are lots of options for paying your bill. Firstly, if you’re not in when we come to clean your windows then we’ll leave a slip through your door so you know that we’ve been. You can pay in cash on the day we clean the windows, or if you’re not in we can call back another time..

Some of our customers choose to leave the payment in a ‘safe place’ for us on the day of the clean. You can receive a text message the night before we come to clean the windows, and that way you’ll know which day to leave the payment in your ‘safe place’.

An increasingly popular option with many of our customers is to pay by online banking. You can either make a one off payment every time we clean your windows, or can set up a standing order. If you decide to pay by online banking, please put the first line of your address in the reference field (i.e.’31 Smith Street’), as that will help us identify that the payment is from you, and not from another one of our customers who may have a similar name. We check our bank account regularly, and as soon as we see your payment we will ‘mark you as paid’ on our records.

Setting up a standing order is an excellent option for busy people. That way your bill is paid automatically, and that means there’s one less thing to remember to do each month, Also you’ll never have to worry about missing a payment or your bill mounting up. We’ll always notify you when we’ve cleaned your windows so that you can keep a track of where you are with your payments.

If you would like to pay by online banking, or would like to discuss payment options further, please contact us.

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