Why Choose Our Services?

We are friendly & professional

regular & reliable

we provide a thorough clean, including frames, sills & doors as standard

good communications including a text message the night before

pay in cash or by online banking

satisfaction guaranteed or we’ll come back and reclean for free

awkward windows cleaned including windows above conservatories, 3rd and 4th story & skylights

Looking for a dependable window cleaner? Contact us today for a free quote. With Linden Cleaning Services you can expect a regular & professional service with lot of convenient advantages like flexible options for how to pay your bill and text messages sent the night before we clean your windows so that you can unlock your side gate or just so that you know we’re coming.

Our standard clean includes the frames, sills & doors as well as a thorough clean of your windows themselves … no ‘porthole’ window cleaning with us! We skillfully use our ‘Gardiner’ Waterfed Pole system, which we have been using for over 10 years with great results. See our reviews to see how our customers feel about our work.

With our professional system your windows are left wet and will dry off naturally. This is normal and there’s nothing to worry about … the water we use is purified, and as long as we’ve done our job right, your windows will dry crystal clear. And if they ever dry less than perfect, give us a call and we’d be happy to come back and put it right at no charge.

Some of the advantages to our system are: (1) we’re able to reach difficult windows that you may not have had cleaned before, such as windows above extensions and conservatories (2) it does a particularly good job on doors sills and frames (3) its very health and safety friendly … you’ll never have to worry about us having an accident and falling off our ladders on your property.

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