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Est. 2007,
Based in Haswell, Co Durham

Looking for a window cleaning service that is:

  • Professional & Thorough?
  • Regular & Reliable?
  • Reputable & Well Recommended?

At Linden Cleaning Services we’ve been working hard to build such a reputation since we established our business in 2007. We know that what our customers want is simply to know that they’re getting a good job done for their money, and to have the peace of mind of knowing that we’re regular and reliable and the windows will be kept clean. Thats exactly what we aim to achieve.

How often do we come?                                                                                              

Our rounds are either fortnightly or once every 4 weeks, whichever you prefer. Fortnightly cleans keep the windows clean and rarely looking dirty, whereas after 4 weeks sometimes the windows will look like they really need a clean. However, much depends on where you live. If you live on a main road for instance, your windows are more likely to need a clean more regularly, whearas if you live in a more sheltered position they may not get dirty as quickly.

How does our system work?                                                                                      


We use a Waterfed Pole “Reach & Wash System”. It does a good job of not only keeping the windows clean, but also frames and sills, as well as doors and garage doors.

One of the advantages of our system is that it is a very ‘low risk’ system; we can reach your windows from the ground and therefore don’t have to use ladders and have to take the associated risk that comes with working at a height.

We can also reach windows that are often impossible to clean from ladders. For instance we can clean windows that are above conservatories and awkward extensions, all from the ground! Many of our customers are delighted to find that a window they have never been able to wash is now getting a regular wash. 3rd and 4th story windows are no problem either.

As we wash your windows you’ll notice that we leave them wet and allow them to dry off naturally. We use purified de-ionised water to wash your windows, which is why we can leave them to dry without leaving streaks.

In some areas where Window Cleaners have started using the Reach & Wash system they haven’t learned to use it properly. This has meant that they have done a bad job and given their customers a bad impression of the system. The problem isn't with the system, but rather with the user. We have been using the reach and wash system for 6 years now, and many of our customers tell us that they actually prefer our method to the traditional way of cleaning windows. Our well trained window cleaners know exactly how to use the system to give your windows the best clean.  If you want to judge for yourself, give us a call us a try. You won’t have to commit to a regular clean & with our guarantee you have nothing to lose.

What if you’re not in or you lock the side gate?                                                      

If you’re not in when we clean we’ll always put a slip through the door so that you know that we’ve been. Many of our customers lock the gate to their back garden, and there are a number of solutions. We have a list of customers that we we send a text message to on the night before we come, that way they can leave their gate open just for the day (or part of the day) that we call. If that isn’t an option for any reason then there are other ideas too which we can discuss when you call.

What do we do if it rains?                                                                                            

We keenly watch the forecast and choose the best days to work for the week. Unfortunately however, we all know that the weather forecast is far from 100% accurate thanks to our unpredictable British weather.

On rare occasions we may need to continue cleaning during light rain and showery weather, as we need to keep paying the bills. If this ever happens, please be assured that rain doesn't actually interfere with the quality of the clean because of the way the Reach & Wash system works. And by employing us on rare occasions when the weather isn’t the best, you help to make our work viable which means we can keep coming when the weather is good too.

How do I pay my bill?                                                                                                   

Paying up has never been easier thanks to Intenet Banking and Paym. If you would like to pay this way you can find our banking details on the right side of this page and on the “How to Pay” page. You can either make one off payments every time you notice that we’ve been or set up a standing order, whichever is most convenient to you. We just ask that you please include the first line of your address in the reference if possible. As we notice your payment enter our bank account, you will be automatically removed from our collecting list.

If you don’t do internet banking that’s no problem, we’re happy to accept cash at the door, and if you’re not in we can call back and collect when we happen to be passing you’re area. We’re conscious that most people don’t want what they owe to build up, so we’ll make sure that we collect regularly so that doesn’t happen.

If you have any questions or to arrange a quote, please Contact Us.

If for any reason you are ever unhappy with the clean on any of your windows, simply give us a call and we will come back and put it right.

We hope you never need to call us as it is our aim clean the windows well in the 1st instance, but we like to assure all our customers that if there ever was a problem we’re eager to rectify it. Although this has been our policy for some time now, we happy to say that we receive very few calls and our feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Never be afraid to tell us if there’s a problem. We'd rather know about and have the chance to correct any mistakes. It’s also good for us to learn from what went wrong.

Linden Cleaning Services